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Week 1 - Getting Started

Module 11 - Have An 8-Hour Workshop with Justin in Phoenix

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In order to do this all you have to is refer me 1 client in which you elect to trade your affiliate commission for the 8-hour work-shop.

Once the full cost for the Get Results Coaching Service fee has been accounted for you can then book an 8-hour Workshop with me.

My assistant will work with you to recommend some Flight + Hotel accommodations.

You'll be flying into Sky Harbor International Aiport. A very simple 2-page contract will be signed by both parties prior to this agreement.

The 8-Hour workshop will take place most likely on a Saturday.

From 9am to 6pm (with 1-hour lunch break) we'll focus on executing on your goals whether that be:

Writing promotional copy for upcoming lead gen campaigns

Doing a "guided assist" for the Mindset Exercise in Getting Started - Video 4

Writing any kind of sale page copy

Coming up with a product planning outline

Coming up with a marketing plan or anything revenue-increasing related.

Week 1 has 11 video modules and a link to each module is below:
1 - Welcome from Spencer
2 - Your Future & How GRC Can Help You Control it 100%
3 - Getting 1 to 1 Help & Joining The FB Mastermind
4 - 3 Ways To Get Started With GRC
5 - Solo Ad Arbitrage Training
6 - HT Affiliate Marketing Training
7 - Very Exciting GRC Affiliate Marketing Options
8 - Major Mindset, Identity & Future Planning Exercise
9 - Seeing The World the Way Justin Does
10 - A Dose of Inspiration From GRC Success Stories
11 - Have An 8-Hour Workshop with Justin in Phoenix