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Week 1 - Getting Started

Module 2 - Your Future & How GRC Can Help You Control it 100%

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This video will connect you with the foundational reason why you decided to Join GRC.

This video may also serve as a reminder as to why you decided to Join GRC.

Your future is at stake.

And you'll need the skills & habits to design it or be at the mercy of a limited life & far less control over what happens to you.

Just keeping it real.

And more importantly, just simply reminding you of what you already know.

So, when or if you have a moment where you feel "lost" or "at a loss" then watch this.

It will get you clear and anchor you to where you need and want to be. Sending good vibes your way,

Justin Spencer

Week 1 has 11 video modules and a link to each module is below:
1 - Welcome from Spencer
2 - Your Future & How GRC Can Help You Control it 100%
3 - Getting 1 to 1 Help & Joining The FB Mastermind
4 - 3 Ways To Get Started With GRC
5 - Solo Ad Arbitrage Training
6 - HT Affiliate Marketing Training
7 - Very Exciting GRC Affiliate Marketing Options
8 - Major Mindset, Identity & Future Planning Exercise
9 - Seeing The World the Way Justin Does
10 - A Dose of Inspiration From GRC Success Stories
11 - Have An 8-Hour Workshop with Justin in Phoenix