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Week 1 - Getting Started

Module 3 - Getting 1 to 1 Help & Joining The FB Mastermind

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We are Phasing Out of HipChat (No Longer Using It) - We will provide your one to one support via Facebook Messenger.

The FB group mastermind that you are about to become a part of is World-Class.

It is made up of people from over 20 different countries, with unique backgrounds, goals, desires, and achievements. The amount of inspiration, motivation, raw tactics and elite strategies that you can discern and use in your life to get incredible results can be found in this unique group.

With that being said, NO NEGATIVITY or PESIMISTIC POSTS will be tolerated of any kind. If you feel you must complain about something then please send a support ticket to Support@GetResultsHQ.com and express yourself there.

If one of my staff notices a negative post from any individual, the post will instantly be deleted and that individual will be warned. If it happens more than 2 times, you will be permanently removed and banned from the group and will not be able to regain access.

This is a simple protocol we must follow to ensure that everyone can leverage this incredible resource.

Note: If the pages come up as "Cannot be Displayed" I will manually add you to all 3 groups

The Get Results Coaching FB Mastermind Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/694210560624378

The Get Results Coaching Buy/Sell Services Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/682979858471514

The Solo Ad Testimonial & Networking Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/214990978891114/

Week 1 has 11 video modules and a link to each module is below:
1 - Welcome from Spencer
2 - Your Future & How GRC Can Help You Control it 100%
3 - Getting 1 to 1 Help & Joining The FB Mastermind
4 - 3 Ways To Get Started With GRC
5 - Solo Ad Arbitrage Training
6 - HT Affiliate Marketing Training
7 - Very Exciting GRC Affiliate Marketing Options
8 - Major Mindset, Identity & Future Planning Exercise
9 - Seeing The World the Way Justin Does
10 - A Dose of Inspiration From GRC Success Stories
11 - Have An 8-Hour Workshop with Justin in Phoenix