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Week 1 - Getting Started

Module 4 - 3 Ways To Get Started With GRC

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...If I am talking to fast for you in this video you can click on the video settings 'wheel' and change the speed to 1/2 or ".5x" so that you can grasp what I'm saying.

Don't worry... I don't talk this fast in all the videos.

Attention: In this video I do make it sound like the traffic arbitrage model is the best one to start with.

The 100% ROI list-building model is in fact the safest and most secure way to make guaranteed profit the fastest thanks to the double tab technology that is shared in the foundation section training videos.


Traffic Arbitrage Model - This model requires you to talk to people and get clients from day 1 and allows you to lose NO money and only MAKE profits, acquire testimonials and it also allows you to build your brand at the same time. In Week 4 you are going to see how to do this -- in an incredible fashion.

The 100% ROI List-Building System - This is Week 1's training, you'll see how you can get leads from email/solo ad traffic for 100% free - 100% of the time - no joke. I've made this a sure-fire guarantee for you.

So you can build a list with solo ads, at no cost ,then re-sell solo ads using that list to deliver the solo ad service at large profits.

High Ticket Affiliate Program - This model is complementary to the first 2.

Selling the GRC course for a 48% or 70% commission (you'll see how soon) to a person who just purchased traffic is a really smart idea, it's optional, but effective.

In Week 4 you'll see how you can market this with my help to your audience that you build.

Bottom line is, get through the whole course as quickly as you can, to get the knowledge, and then start growing your audience as taught in week 4, and you'll be well on your way to a massive monthly income.

Week 1 has 11 video modules and a link to each module is below:
1 - Welcome from Spencer
2 - Your Future & How GRC Can Help You Control it 100%
3 - Getting 1 to 1 Help & Joining The FB Mastermind
4 - 3 Ways To Get Started With GRC
5 - Solo Ad Arbitrage Training
6 - HT Affiliate Marketing Training
7 - Very Exciting GRC Affiliate Marketing Options
8 - Major Mindset, Identity & Future Planning Exercise
9 - Seeing The World the Way Justin Does
10 - A Dose of Inspiration From GRC Success Stories
11 - Have An 8-Hour Workshop with Justin in Phoenix