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Week 1 - Getting Started

Module 6 - HT Affiliate Marketing Training

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PLEASE READ: I Update GRC so quickly that there is occasionally some conflicting information. Do NOT Skip Ahead To Week 3 Or Anything Like That. Go Through All The Videos 1 by 1 As Quickly As You Possibly Can To Get The Knowledge Before Execution.

Step #1 - Sign Up To Become An Affiliate for Get Results Coaching

Step #2 - Print Out, Fill Out, Then Scan Back, This w9 form (For USA Residents Only). If you are outside the USA please use this form called the w8ben. I WILL need this pay you your commissions. It is standard procedure with agreements like this & only takes about 30 seconds to fill out.

Please send the scanned/signed copy to my email:


Here's the link to sign into your affiliate account, this will also be emailed to you for safe keeping.

Example Private Messenger Conversation From Using FB Timeline + HT Angle For Talking To Leads

What Do I Tell People Who Reach Out To Me Via FB Chat After I Make A Timeline Post To Get Their Interest?


Hey Name, great to connect with you. Thank you for reaching out. Would love to send you more info... how long have you been into online marketing?

(wait for reply)

Awesome, I've been involved since X... are you able to consistently get high-ticket sales? (if you wanna' do the HT angle) or other words (Fill in the blank) (Wait for reply)

No? Okay I have a unique approach that works for me and others that I'm involved with. Would you like to hear more about it? (Wait for reply)

Yes? Okay. Great, here's how it works, my Mentor actually explains it pretty well in an upbeat video, do you have 5 minutes to take a look to see if you agree with it?

Yes? Okay here's the link to do that 🙂 i'm right here, if you have a question about it, I know the man personally.


Just need to clear something up.

If you do a FaceBook timeline "Lead Gen Post" and generate a bunch of leads and send the leads more information (I.E. links or videos) and they do not move forward into GRC right away through your affiliate link, then please read below: ...It is important if you want credit for affiliate sales to do the following:

*Introduce your prospect to me in a 3-way FB chat only AFTER you have pre-qualified him/her first by making sure they are a solid candidate and are just-about ready to move forward.

*Secondly, this way I'll have visually seen you generate + warm up the person & I can then step in and help you overcome any final objections with the prospect so we clench the deal together.


Let's say that you pre-qualify some people who reply to your timeline post but they are not that "Hot" or "Responsive" after you hit them up... so you do not introduce them to me in a 3-way.

Then... Let's say about "30 days" Go by...

...Then let's say I do a "FB Lead Gen Post" and one of the same leads reaches out to me directly because of my post.

If I engaged with the person from my post and I close the sale, as a result of my energy, time and efforts, you will not get credit for this person because:

*When you qualified him/her you did not introduce me to him/her & show me valid visual proof that you spent energy, and effort generating + moving the guy/gal forward into GRC

*AND (MOST Importantly): MY Actions were the result of their buying decision, not yours. And that's CRUCIAL. YOUR Actions have to be WHY they are buying in order to deserve a $2,700 commission and outsourcing the delivery off that major commitment to me. That Means in English, you must Generate + Deeply Warm Up The Person.

In all honesty if you can close them yourself without me that's perfect. If you need help, I will also step in to help, but it has to be done this way for it to make sense for you and me.

Comprendo? Got nothing but love for you all.

Paid out $3909.00 in commissions + contest prizes today. I feel humbled to do that.

There was a time where I didn't make that much money per month (if you can believe) let alone paying that out "in a day" to people. Got to love it.

Stay blessed, Stay Hungry.

Will post this in the Affiliate Training Section as Kajabi as well.

Week 1 has 11 video modules and a link to each module is below:
1 - Welcome from Spencer
2 - Your Future & How GRC Can Help You Control it 100%
3 - Getting 1 to 1 Help & Joining The FB Mastermind
4 - 3 Ways To Get Started With GRC
5 - Solo Ad Arbitrage Training
6 - HT Affiliate Marketing Training
7 - Very Exciting GRC Affiliate Marketing Options
8 - Major Mindset, Identity & Future Planning Exercise
9 - Seeing The World the Way Justin Does
10 - A Dose of Inspiration From GRC Success Stories
11 - Have An 8-Hour Workshop with Justin in Phoenix